Monday, March 21, 2005
who am I kidding? I can't stay away from blogging
I'll take the fact that my body is sore and stiff as a sign of a good weekend. Indeed I am so sore that I'm walking like a cowboy who just returned from a long trek, and even the smallest of tasks (like applying deodorant) hurts like hell. Yes, this is all a result of more of my curling activities on Saturday. You may recall I curled a few weeks ago, and since my friends and I had such a laff-riot we decided to do it again. And like most things that cause a delayed hurt, it seemed like a really good idea at the time. We even got an instructor for an hour to actual teach us as opposed to just guessing, and I suppose that's why this time we hurt more than the last..... now we know how to hurt ourselves right proper! Ah yes, I feel so Canadian.

So see? I did break away from my gaming long enough to leave my house. Friday night I went to Princess Blondie's house for a night of (taped) Survivor viewing. Saturday I went to the gym, came home and yes, gamed. Later I went out for a coffee with my friend and his baby (pics here and here) and then it was out for a night of curling. Then I was up and at 'em Sunday morning at 7am yesterday to get to my 8am meditation group for three hours of meditation. Top it off I took a trip to visit my friend yesterday, and had a dinner and laundry night at the parents. I had me an action packed weekend!

Anyway, enough about my boring life..... what's going on in the world?
Oh! First of all, enough with the whole seeing Jesus/Mary/Satan in sandwiches/cereal/rocks thing. It's driving me nuts. The latest is a guy who claims he has a turtle with the image of Satan on its shell. Go ahead, have a look ...stare real hard and maybe you can make it out (took me quite a bit. imagine Diablo, from the pc game). Well, of course it's Satan on his shell! As the article points out, this turtle is the only survivor after a pet store fire! *groan* Next!

And.... I'm gonna do it.. I'm gonna bring up the Terri Schiavo case. When I first heard about this case a year or two ago I thought it was pretty cut and dry. My feelings were... if I were a 'vegetable' incapable of having any kind of real life and was nothing but a burden to my family... I would for sure want to be taken off life support. Indeed, in my family we have all openly had this discussion and we are all aware of the wishes of each other. But this was operating under the assumption that the person is just laying there in a coma or staring off into space. As I have now seen in footage (and as Celti also mentions) this woman has the mental capacity of a 6 - 11 month old child (in other words..she's hardly a 'vegetable'). So her facial expression can change to reflect interaction with her family. She smiles, she frowns. She shows signs of vague and fleeting awareness. And while I personally still wouldn't want to live like that I can certainly see why her family wouldn't be willing to let go. Could you sit by and watch her slowly starve to death? This isn't about switching off a breathing machine and the person dies within minutes... this a long, drawn out death of someone who doesn't have the capacity to understand what's happening to her. I dunno... this is a terrible and tough call. The outcome just can't be a good one.

Anyway, how was everyone else's weekend? See any good movies? Do anything new and different? (may I recommend curling?)