Sunday, March 13, 2005
at a loss for posts
Have ya noticed I haven't had much to say lately? I have. I'm not sure if it's because I am at a loss for words or because there just isn't that much going on worth talking about.... *shrug*

Here's a few bits and bites.

4 Gay Israelis came to Toronto to get married this past week. Yay! I love Israelis and I love that gay Israelis can get married here!! Yay for Canada and I am thrilled for these fine gentlemen who are showing their love and commitment. Best of luck to them in the future (especially when they try and get their marriage recognized in Israel).

Speaking of Israelis, one of my favourite Israelis, Harry, survived yet another stone being thrown at his car by Palestinian terrorists while driving home. When you hear of these stone throwers do you imagine little stones that do little damage? Think again... these aren't pebbles, and yes, they are extremely dangerous. Read Harry's story and see an example what Israelis are up against every day. Glad to hear you are ok, my friend.

I wrote to the fine folks at Livnot about my program/financial aid application to ask if I really had to add info about my parents income. She said if I was financially independent I didn't have to. Whew! Now I can begin the application process. Keep your fingers crossed, folks. I have a long road of money begging ahead of me if I plan to go to Israel for 5 months.

Here's a picture of the cool gift my dad brought back from China for me. It's a bronze reproduction of one of the horses in the Terra Cotta Army of the Qin Dynasty. My dad has good taste in souvenirs, no?

Below you see a picture of me I took earlier today. My parents and I went up to my grandma's to visit with her. She lives 2 hours north of us and in the wintertime, WOW, 2 hours can make a difference. It was *way* colder and way WAY more snowy. As you can see in the picture, the snow was really coming down. So yeah, we drove up, had lunch, played cards and drove back home. Four hours in the car is nothing if it makes my snowbound grandma happy. :-) For more cool snowy pictures from the great white north head over to my photoblog Dreaming In Blue.

Hope you have all had a great weekend... and have a great week!