Sunday, March 06, 2005
for those who happened to be interested in what I did this weekend...
Well it has been quite a weekend and it's not quite over yet. I spent Friday night at home... yes, at home and I'm not ashamed to say it!! I had gone out earlier in the day to reconnect with an old friend of mine (see my prior post) and it went really well. We apologized for the fallout and agreed we were both just in terrible places in our lives at that time. We both needed someone and we were too screwed up with our own stuff to be able to help each other. We talked about what had gone on with us over the last 6 years we were apart and did a little catching up. We will have to take more time to get re-acquainted, but we're happy to have reconnected. :-)

Saturday was a pretty shitty day.... I decided it was time to break up with the guy I had been seeing. I don't care to get into details, as I don't believe in trampling on the privacy of those in my life... but sadly it wasn't the smoothest of partings. On the one hand I feel really terrible that I hurt this guy.... because I care for him, relationship or not. On the other hand, it has been a stormy relationship and I am glad that stress is no longer in my life. It was an emotional rollercoaster and I am glad to have gotten off it. Time to heal and move on....
Saturday night was an improvement as I went out to dinner with my mom and my brother and his girlfriend. I don't see my brother as much as I should, so it was very cool. And of course the cherry on top of my relaxing evening was another episode of Battlestar Galactica. *dreamy* Oh how I love it so.

Today has been all about chilling and getting back into my 'being single' routine, and I must say... I forgot how much I love it! I might not be in a hurry to give it up again anytime soon. I was at Walmart by 8am this morning doin' a little shopping and then it was home watching movies and tidying up my apartment for the rest of the day. I had a quick stopover at the parents house to see my dad, back from his business trip to China. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of the really cool gift he got me so you can check out my dad's excellent taste in souvenirs.

So that about does it for me. I've been chilling, centering and enjoying my alone time this weekend. Feels DAMN good, I must say. Hope y'all had a good weekend!

Oh and to my friend Melra.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!