Monday, March 07, 2005
Well, I am starting my week feeling like I got the world by the ass! A welcome change from a week or so ago when it felt like the world was falling. My what a difference a week can make..

The day started off right for me when I got a call from Princess Blondie at 7:30am this morning. She called just to share with me, basically, that she was really glad that we were good friends and that our friendship had stood the test of time and separate homes (since we became friends when she moved into my apartment building, we were worried what would happen when she moved out). Our Thursday night ritual of getting together for Survivor is really just a great way to make it a regular habit of seeing each other all while bonding over a mutual love for a reality show. Anyway, it was a nice call as we talked a bit about how much we mean to each other and how important our friendship is for us both. May sound a little cheesy to you guys, but it was a nice thing for me to hear while getting ready for work on a Monday morning. :-)

And this is shaping up to be a good week..... I'm getting a new computer (EEEEEEEEEK!!! I'm so excited I can barely stand it!!!) and I am going to be out of the office a little more. I will be out on the road getting back to the basics of my job, which means more time out in stores and talking to vendors (no, not selling). It's something I am looking forward to as I am getting a bit of cabin fever as winter (hopefully) begins to wind down. A little freedom from the office is a welcome change. Hoo whee... I am just feeling all good and liberated these days. May I recommend to any of you that you try the same thing... if someone in your life is causing you more stress than joy, cut the person loose! You WILL feel better. :-D

As for my potential trip to Israel.... I have been looking over the financial aid application this morning and I am seeing that I have to fill out info with regards to my parents income. They seem rather adamant that I include financial information about them, and this is where things may come to a screeching halt for a few reasons. Firstly, I am NOT telling my parents about this until I have to, let alone ask them to provide such sensitive info. Not only will they not be supportive emotionally about this choice, they will in no way help me financially. And they will NOT be impressed with me asking for a copy of their tax return. They have nothing to do with the money equation and I am deeply annoyed that the program would make such a suggestion to someone who is 30 and has been living on her own for sometime. Secondly, by including my parents income on this form I assure you it will look like I come from a family that makes a very comfortable living and therefore lower my chances of getting better financial aid. That would be bad because as I said... my parents will never chip in for the cost of this. Ever. So by supplying this info I will only be hurting my chances... but if I don't the form says it will not be accepted. I'm damned if I do, I'm damned if I don't. If they won't take my application without my parents info this whole thing will be over before it even started, and I'll be very sad. I'm going to write the program leader today and see what I can do about this..... coz financial info about my parents just ain't gonna happen...