Thursday, March 17, 2005
a friend indeed
Life is a funny thing, ya know. We struggle to do the best we can given the circumstances we are in at any given time, and hopefully push to do better in the future. It has it's up and downs and no matter what how we feel about it time marches on, like it or not. Throughout our lives people come and go and hopefully we choose to surround ourselves with those that nurture our soul and well being. Every so often you really luck out and someone great comes into your life and changes everything for you. Brings happiness and hope that, hey... life ain't so bad. This is the kind of friend that would do anything for you at any time, and in return you offer the same fierce loyalty. Friends like these are harder to find than the rarest of gems and certainly more precious.

Me? I'm pretty damn lucky.... coz Mulder just happens to be one of those friends.
Thanks for all that you do, sweetie. Your endless generosity and immeasurable kindness inspire me and amaze me. You truly are one of the good ones.
Toda raba.

"I got my freaks to the East
I got my freaks to the West
Let's get together...
Let's celebrate...
You know I can't say no to a good time with my friends
Where would I be...
without my friends...
I would be nowhere,
And I would have nothing..."
-Luscious Jackson