Friday, February 04, 2005
step AWAY from the grumpy blogger!
Amazingly, I am STILL in the same fantastically bad mood as I was yesterday. It's unusual for me to maintain a bad mood after a night's sleep, yet here I am still stewing. In fact, I think that with a little focus I may be able to develop the uncanny ability to shoot lasers from my eyes, potentially boring a hole into the skull of anyone who crosses my path. God help the soul who put me in this mood... coz he's gonna need it.

Last night I called up my friend with whom I had plans and warned him that I was in a mood most foul. Basically I was giving him the out if he didn't want to be subjected to it, though I was happy to hear he didn't back out because I was counting on him to help pull me out of it. He's one of my best friends for that kinda thing. So when I arrived at his place last night he had picked up some dinner for us to eat and some flowers to help cheer me up. What an angel. The rest of the night was spent listening to music, watching Battlestar Galactica and playing with the adorable kitten I gave him for his birthday last year (pics can be found here).

It was a lovely night, so imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning still breathing fire and looking to seek vengeance on the world for all that had ever gone wrong in my life. Boy oh boy, am I in a crappy mood. It would be amusing if it weren't so annoying.... but as it stands it is emotionally draining, not to mention energy draining. So tonight I am canceling my plans and I'm gonna just chill out and relax. Time to unwind this top, ya know? Do some laundry.. get some groceries.. watch my favourite tv shows. Yeah... that sounds about right.

On a semi-related note... guess what I saw last night? A wolf! For real!! I know I know... you're thinking these things are just running around everywhere in Canada, but I assure you they do no such thing in this area. Well at least, I didn't think they did. And thus my surprise after I had just exited the highway only to see a wolf standing by the side of the road (there's a little patch of 'field' there). I slammed my brakes on to slow down and have a better look, and wanted to whip out my camera to take a picture but damn if some other cars were behind me, so I couldn't. Drat. I did, however, take a pretty picture from my car last night on my way home from work. Go have a look.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Beware the bad mood! Shabat Shalom.