Friday, January 28, 2005
random drivel for anyone who might be interested

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Ok, ok.. anyway. A few things I am excited about:

1) I found Red Bull at a gas station last night. What's the big deal? It hasn't be legal in Canada until the last month or so. Apparently Canada had some wacky law whereby you could not add caffeine to a beverage unless it was a cola. (wha??) Anyway, seems we got over that and now I can buy Red Bull at a ridiculous premium like the rest of the world ($3 a can!!!). I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon enough and likely I just wanted it because I couldn't have it.

2) Starting today Blockbuster is doing away with late fees in Canada. This is phenomenal and may just win me back from (on online movie rental system that I have been enjoying). Time will tell, I'll have to give it a try and see.

3) Famous Players movie theatres have reduced the admission price from $13.95 to only $9.95. That is HUGE! And yeeeha! I couldn't be more excited about that since I am a movie slut.

As for what's going on with me... well, last night I spent some quality girl time with my old buddy Princess Blondie. It had been quite some time since we hung out so we hung out, sipped tea and talked about the angst in our lives. Very rejuvenating for the soul.
This weekend I am going to be spending time with my new beau, and on Sunday I am meditating with the same group I got together with a few Sunday's ago (did I mention I was the only white girl in a room full of east indians? lol) and then I'm gonna try for a three movie marathon with a friend of mine in the local theatre. Gotta see all the Oscar nominee films!

For the rest of the day and much of next week it looks like I'll be doing work on the road. Sometimes my job requires me to do that and I don't mind. Gets me out of the office. I hope the bad weather has subsided somewhat. And... that's about it. What have you kids got planned for the weekend?