Tuesday, January 25, 2005
BlogBurst, Jan 27th
I have been haunted by photos as I have been searching through and compiling information for my BlogBurst post on Thursday. What is a BlogBurst, you may ask? A BlogBurst is 'a simultaneous, co-ordinated posting by a large group of webmasters and bloggers on a given topic'.

This Thursday marks 60 years since the liberation of the nazi death camp of Auschwitz, and we are hoping to educate and bring awareness to this occasion and the Holocaust in general. Many would argue that "everyone" knows about what happened during the Holocaust, but just this morning a poll was released suggesting that 'almost three in 10 Canadians couldn't identify that Jews were the main victims of the Holocaust'. But wait...there's more: "The survey discovered that when participants were given a list of groups, almost 30 per cent chose Poles, French, British or Russians or weren't able to identify any group. And just 40 per cent of respondents knew that more than six million Jews died in the Second World War." (more on the survey can be found here)

See anything wrong with this picture? I am especially mortified that Canadians, a people who fancy themselves well educated, are coming up short on information and education on the subject. This has got to change.

For a list of bloggers who are joining the effort to draw attention to this occasion click here. If you would like to join the effort (you don't have to be Jewish, folks! you just have to care enough to not let such a tragedy happen again) you may click here for more info, including ideas on what to post.

Make a post count, and help educate others. Come join the BlogBurst this Thursday.