Wednesday, January 26, 2005
hug a Jew today! (and make it me!!!)
Well I don't think you kids are voting for me *nearly* enough... coz suddenly the front runner is a full 23 votes ahead of me. The floor is being mopped with me! Get out there and make me popular, already! :-P Click here (or on the shiny new button that my sweet supporter Occasional Bitch made for me).

Consequently, I just noticed yesterday that I have also been nominated for "Best Israel Advocacy Blog (Group B)" which is terribly sweet and all... but I don't have a prayer. I appreciate the nomination (whoever you are!) but if you look at the other nominees you will see that there are other Bloggers out there working much harder to get the word out about Israel and it's struggle. Thanks to all those nominated in this category for keeping up the good fight. If we don't do it, who will?

Go support the other bloggers by voting in the Jewish And Israeli Blog Awards today!