Tuesday, January 25, 2005
out of sight out of mind?
The death toll from the tsunami is now topping out at 280,000. Ladies and gentleman, that is HUGE.

Now let me ask you this.... how many of you have already started to forget about all this? Where we were once thinking about it several times a day we are now only thinking about it once or twice a day. The news reports are becoming less and less frequent, and now mostly talk about bickering over whether or not certain countries are giving enough. As politics begin to take over people are dying while waiting for things to be sorted out. Money and supplies MUST keep coming in and efforts must not slow or be restricted to one or two months time. This relief effort will mean years of rebuilding and we musn't forget about these people.

If you haven't donated yet I beg you to consider doing so now. It has been a month since the quake and bodies are *still* being recovered, and in many regions food, water and medical supplies are scarce. People are getting sick and need help. If you have already donated I implore you to consider doing so again. Just last week I made second donation myself, and I ask that you think about doing the same. Maybe even set up a monthly donation to Red Cross through your bank or credit card. Is $5 a month too much to ask?

Come on folks, these people need our help and this is a long way from being over.