Monday, January 24, 2005
just another manic Monday
Before I get into the weekend recap let me just point out that the voting is now underway for the Jewish And Israeli Blog Awards over at Israellycool. If you love me like you say you do you will CLICK HERE and vote for yours truly in the category of "Best Personal Blog" (it's listed as "celestial blue"). I'm not one for getting into these types of awards/competitions, but as the saying goes, it's an honour just to be nominated. Thanks for the nomination Solomon, I'm flattered.

Now then... how about the weekend?? What a crazy one.. Snow storms! Johnny Carson died! A glimmer of hope in the negotiations for a truce between Palestinians and Israel! (dare we dream??)

Like much of the northeastern seaboard, we were hit here with a big snow storm on Saturday, the likes of which I have not seen ever in this area. I tried to take a picture but the lens would get covered with blowing snow before I could even take the shot! And the cold snap continued with temperatures hovering around -33C/-27.4F for days on end. The power went out in large areas of the downtown core in Toronto over the weekend leaving many folks freezing their asses off. Today the snowing has stopped (until this afternoon, we're told) and has warmed up to a toasty temperature of -23C/-9.4F. This has got to be one of the wackiest winters on record. (edit: an hour after I posted this the next wave of the snow storm hit. guess I should shut my big trap when is say thing like "today the snowing has stopped".)

My mother called me yesterday to let me know that Johnny Carson had died, and I was pretty sad to hear it. I mean, I wasn't his biggest fan or anything but he was an icon and I respected all that he had done. I remember staying up late enough to watch his show once was I was very little and thinking... wow... I'm actually up late enough to watch Johnny Carson!! It was such a coup.

And yes, there is talk of negotiating a truce (or "hudna") between Israel and Palestinian "militant groups" (read: terrorists). We have been down this road many a time, so most of us are cautiously optimistic at best. Either way, I am willing to give the new Palestinian leader, Abbas, a chance since he did dispatch 1,000 - 3,000 police to help fight the terrorists who were firing rockets into Israel. Will it work? Does he mean it? It remains to be seen..... I for one am hoping for some real change. Let's keep our fingers crossed....