Monday, November 08, 2004
Monday Monday
Me in my office at workI thought I would start the week off with a peek into my daily life, for those who might be curious. This picture shows me in my office (I took it this morning). In the background (here's a larger picture for better detail) you see such exciting things as a picture of my grandma (whom I adore), a flag of Israel, a desk calendar ("A Little Joy, A Little Oy", given to me by Princess Blondie last Chanukkah), a cup of Tim Horton's coffee (doesn't come much more Canadian than that), SAM's blog on my computer in the background, and on top of my monitor...a few toys (Hellboy, The Changeling, Spider-Man, and my honey, basketball player Karl Malone). Terribly exciting isn't it? ;-)

This kicks off something I'm gonna try for those that are curious; I'm gonna steal Treppenwitz's recent idea of posting any pictures that have been requested of him by his audience. I like getting a peek into the world of fellow bloggers myself, since you get to know someone on a semi-personal basis by reading about their lives and experiences on their blogs. You tend to have all kinds of ideas in your head about what he or she is like and what his or her world looks like. Dave B, has posted a few pictures showing parts of his home, and it has been most interesting.

So! I'll take requests from those who are curious and want to have a glimpse into my life. Let's not be childish about this and ask for naked pictures... I want you to really think about it. What are you curious about? My computer area at home, where I do most of my writing? My ugliest article of clothing that I just can't let go of? my vast uncontrollable collection of makeup? my oldest pair of shoes? My bedroom? Kitchen? My apartment building? My car? My tattoos? The view from my office? The contents of my bag/purse? a funny face? my local movie theatre? what???
Think of something and either e-mail me or leave it in the comments. Be creative! Or at least.. be curious. ;-)