Friday, October 15, 2004
I just noticed the other day that I missed my own 1 year anniversary for this blog. I guess it's because I was busy in the hospital, writhing in pain. Or maybe it's because I don't see the big deal...I know a lot of people are excited to acknowledge their blogiversaries, but not me. Kinda like I never really keep track of exactly how many people have visited my site, mostly coz I know it's just not that accurate so why get excited? For instance, I just checked my counter and it says I've had 20,000 visitors, but does that count the people who visit several times a day? *shrug* I don't know and don't particularly care. I mostly use my counter to see how people find my site, I think it's always interesting.

When I first started my blog I obsessed for days setting it up because I wanted it absolutely perfect, but didn't know the first thing about html. I leaned heavily on fellow blogger Lorien to help me out, as I pestered her with all kinds of questions. And I also remember thinking I had just SO many things to say and so many opinions to share, but when it came time for me to write I found it took me a few days (maybe even weeks) to really get into a comfortable groove. As well, I was concerned with my focus on talking about Israel and it's issues; as anyone who reads my blog knows, I am very passionate about Israel, but I was afraid, initially, of coming off as too political and that maybe I would scare of any non-Jewish readers. I quickly got over that as I struck a balance between rants about Israel and personal ramblings about my life. I think I have found my groove now and I thank everyone who has stuck around (especially si who has been with me since the very beginning. thanks for your support!). If you are interested you can read my first post from October 2, 2003 .....I think you'll find it amusing. Clearly I was excited, yet terrified, all at the same time. Good thing I kept the first entry short and sweet.

And now I am getting ready to go to work for the first time in nearly 3 weeks. My nurse has come and gone, and I am preparing for my commute into work. I won't be putting in a full day by any means, I just want to make an appearance and deal with any problems that require immediate attention. And I want to show that I'm making an effort. I have been trying to do a few outings throughout the week to sort of build up my endurance, and yesterday I went with a girlfriend to a makeup sale (nothing like a girl outing!) and then last night I went to Princess Blondie's house for our usual viewing of Survivor. I was *exhausted* going to bed last night. Two outings in one day proved to be a bit much for me. I think a few hours at work today will be sufficient. It's Friday, afterall! :-)
Shabat Shalom.