Wednesday, October 13, 2004
American politics make my brain hurt
I'm not sure what's worse....yet another presidential debate destroying a potentially good night of tv viewing, or getting all teary eyed with every tv show that talks about and remembers Christopher Reeve. I can't take either of these anymore!! I can't listen to Bush and Kerry say they don't think gays should be married and I can't be sad anymore that the world has lost such a wonderful and inspiring man as Christopher Reeve.

Truth be told I'm just in a grumpy mood today and these things therefore irritate me that much more. The last two days have had me filled with frustration at being stuck at home, forced to allow my body the time it needs to heal. I am sick and tired of having a nurse come everyday to change my dressings (though I adore my nurse, she's wonderful), I'm sick and tired of having my friends and family take care of me by bringing me everything I need (I mean it's nice to a point, but I miss and crave my independence) and I'm sick and tired of just plain feeling unwell. My bedroom looks like a hospital room (check out all the medical supplies I have) and I feel like my home has become a ward. The novelty of spending the day in your pajamas wears off eventually and in time you want to look and feel good again, ya know?

Today my friend Princess Blondie took me out for a "supervised outing" (as she amusingly put it). It was a big trip to Costco. Frankly, I didn't care where we went, I was just happy to get out. This was only the second time in 9 days that I have done so. I was worried because I had gone for a brief outing with my mom on Monday, and despite a 3.5 hour nap just prior, a short car ride exhausted me and I had to have a nap before dinner with my parents. My energy and overall vitality is at an all time low (as it my appetite and weight). But I digress.

So Princess Blondie came to pick me up after lunch, and when I went outside..... wow!... I couldn't believe how wonderful the weather was. It was warm and the air smelled fabulous. I almost didn't want to get in the car, I just wanted to stand there and feel the sun on my face and suck in the fresh autumn air. I was giddy just being outside, let alone getting to GO somewhere. I'm easily amused at this point, what can I tell ya?
At Costco I warned her that it doesn't take much to tire me out. By the time we had walked around, done our shopping, and stood in line....I was getting sleepy. As we waited in line I felt my eyes fluttering open and close... I was nodding off. lol (and once again, I had a nap just before the outing)

After Costco we had one last stop to make before she dropped me off at home. We had to go to the jeweler's to pick her new ring that had to be sized. Her engagement ring. YAY!!! That's right, Princess Blondie and her darling Bruno, my Survivor buddies and old neighbours from across the hall, are getting married. Not a real surprise since they just bought a home together, but I am thrilled. They are the most beautiful couple and deserve every happiness. Congrats to them.

Anyway! After she dropped me off at home, I did the sensible thing and..... had another nap, that's right. lol Are you noticing a theme to my routine? It's very exciting. I know, you wish you could be me. Everyone does. :-P And now I am wide awake and looking to watch something on tv. Which brings it all back to this friggin' debate. I guess I'll put another movie in the ole dvd player....