Thursday, October 21, 2004
from Israel to Pumpkins
So I have rented (the first part) of a long documentary called "Israel: A Nation Is Born". The first disc alone is 120 minutes long, and the total documentary is 3 discs. The first disc is divided into two parts; Program One: From the Rise of Zionism to 1948 and Program Two: The Creation of the State. I look forward to watching this over the weekend, when I can really devote some serious time to watching it since it's really a "meaty" topic and requires my full attention. I rented it from a mail-rental site online that mails you movies and you mail them back when you're done. It's been kinda cool, I've enjoyed it. You can check it out here:

Oh! All this reminds me...if you are unsure about what's really going on in Israel and what all the fuss is about and want to learn more, may I direct you to a recent post over at Smooth Stone: "The Top Ten Facts you need to know about Israel". It's a great starting point if you are just learning about the situation, and touches on the most frequent questions. Smooth has always been very good for info about Israel.

Can I tell you how sick I am of hearing about (a) the Boston Red Sox vs. the NY Yankees, and (b) the freakin' American election?!?! God, I will be SO happy when the World Series and the election is over. Specifically, I can't stand the mud-slinging going on between Kerry and Bush, and it makes me really happy that Canadian politics are boring in comparison. Yes Kerry may have lied, but I got news for did Bush. So everybody shut the hell up already! Both candidates frighten me to be perfectly honest, but what can ya do.....I guess just try for the lesser of two evils.

So I have been going to work in little spurts, easing my way back into work. It's going ok I guess, but now I think I'm just feeling lazy and I'm dreaming of the lottery again. lol I went to a follow up appointment to see my surgeon today for the first time since the surgery 2 weeks ago. He said everything is healing amazingly fast and that I should be all two weeks!!! *groan* If it's going so fast why is still taking so long?? *pout*

Anyway, today the cat that I was "catsitting" for the last two weeks, Pumpkin, has gone back to her home. This makes me sad....she has been wonderful company to me for the last couple of weeks while I have been stuck at home. I got really attached to her (I had time on my hands so....118 pictures and giving her back was tough. *sigh* If you are interested you can see a few pictures of her over on my photoblog. She's a cutie pie.

To add to my new loneliness my parents left today for a vacation in England. I can't believe I'm 30 years old and missing my parents!! Yikes, I think I got a little dependent on them over the last few weeks when they were taking care of me. Oh well, there are worse things to feel for your parents. :-D

Ok, now I'm probably boring you all, so I'm gonna go. But before I I have any readers who speak Portuguese? I need some help. Drop me a line. Please and thank you!