Sunday, October 17, 2004
going ape
So I think we all know by now that I've been watching far too much daytime television, right? If nothing else it's given me a glimpse into the life of a stay-at-home mom and that glimpse has told me I would never make it as stay-at-home mom. (I think there is a more politically correct term for that now, but I can't recall it, and I've never been all that concerned with being politically correct)

Anyway, the other day I was watching my favourite talkshow, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I have said it before and I'll say it again. That girl can dance, and it makes me jealous. At the start of every show she gives her little opening monologue and then her DJ man kicks out the jams for a minute or two and Ellen gets her groove on and dances around the set and through the audience and eventually to her chair to start the show. And I only wish I could dance like Ellen. And I'll take her wardrobe while we're at it, coz I like her clothes. I love Ellen, and if you don't watch her show you should, she's hilarious.
But I digress.

Last week she had Robin Williams on. And let me tell you how I feel about him....I think he's a talented actor, and I enjoy his films. I think he's a pretty diverse actor and has done a great job of turning out consistently fantastic performances. That being said, I simply canNOT stand to watch the man in an interview of any sort. Why? Because the man *always* needs to be "on". He seems to be wholly incapable of carrying on an actual conversation like any other reasonable person. He can't talk like a normal human being, he has to constantly be making jokes. It never stops. And it is tiring and grates on me within 5 minutes of watching him. (btw, this all holds true for Jim Carrey too. Love the guy, I'm proud that he's Canadian, I think his films are hilarious, but he can't shut it off long enough to have a normal conversation either). I enjoyed that Ellen is the first person I have seen interview Robin that managed to get a few zingers back at him too, and held her own quite well against him. But Robin Williams behaviour reeks of someone who is desperate for attention and/or the spotlight, and I can't stand that in people. It screams "watch me! WATCH ME!!", with a level of neediness usually reserved for 3 year olds.

Then something else caught my attention....Robin Williams hairy hands. If you have ever seen the guy in a short sleeved shirt you know he's as hairy as an ape, it's no secret. His furry arms and chest make it look like he's wearing a hair shirt. But I had never noticed just how hairy the back of his hands were. I mean, just LOOK at this picture....and even that doesn't do them justice. I think his hair has become thicker since that shot was taken; and look..see how the hair on the back of his hands covers the *entire* back of his hand??? That just ain't right!! (omigod, it's on his knuckles too!!) We all know that men get hairier as they get older, and often in places they weren't sprouting hair earlier in life (thus the use of ear and nose hair trimmers after the age of 50, sometimes earlier). I think Robin Williams could be a full-on ape by the time he hits 65. I swear it.

Anyway, enough about Robin Williams, I did eventually managed to break away from staring at his hands, though it wasn't easy. But next time you see him being interviewed...go ahead..have a gander at his hands. I promise that your eyes will lock onto them too, unable to look away. Staring just can't be helped.

So anyway, on Friday I went to work for the first time in nearly 3 weeks. It went about like this... I drove to work (about a 20-30 min drive)...walked around the office and said hi to everyone and got all kinds of "we missed you" hugs.... did some work in the showroom, by setting up a display and taking pictures of it for the marketing department.....laid down on the showroom floor because I was exhausted...and then was sent home by the boss. My total time at work: about 1.5 hours. Driving: about 50 mins. This resulted in utter exhaustion so that when I got home I crawled right back to bed and slept for 3 hours straight. What the hell is that about?? How can one little surgery two weeks ago (and I swear it wasn't THAT major) take such a long term toll on my energy level and vitality??? It's really quite ridiculous, and extremely frustrating to say the least.

I had similar luck today. I went to my parents for breakfast after the nurse came in the morning to change my dressings, and after eating with them and hanging out a bit.....I came home for a three hour nap. 3 seems to be the magic number. After the nap I got up and went back for dinner. I'm all about mooching meals from the parents whenever possible. I don't much feel like cooking. Now I'm home and ready for bed again.

So I'm gonna take another crack at working again tomorrow. Gotta keep trying, right? One day I may even be able to work a full day again. Ooo, dare to dream!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and are well rested and ready for a new week. A new week a new adventure! :-P

Oh and hey....I can't say this enough times: thank you everyone for your very kind words with regard to my well being and recovery. You have all been very sweet and supportive. It's much appreciated. xoxo