Thursday, September 09, 2004
which is worse: garbage or jet lag?
Am I the only one having a helluva time with Blogger lately?? Damnit, if only I was smarter I would do something clever like move to a new host or something. Only I'm not all that handy with the html and the like, which is why I came to Blogger in the first place. I hate it when my own lack of knowledge forces me to deal with shitty service.

Anyway, I am still heavily embroiled in a battle with jet lag and the jet lag is winning. I can't believe how badly it's kicking my ass, it was SO not like this the last time I traveled to Israel. *shrug* Beats me, all I know is my bed calls me to all day while I am at work. Never one to drink much coffee or tea, I have done an about face and have been drinking copious amounts of tea in an effort to perk myself up enough to be at least mildly productive. I don't think I'm fooling anyone (I nodded off in the lunchroom in front of everyone).

The weather hasn't exactly been helping, as it has been the very *opposite* to what I have been used to for the last 12 days. Toronto has been dealing with the tail end of Hurricane Frances and so yesterday and this morning we had been pounded with rain and storms. I try not to complain coz we sure don't have it as hard as those in Granada, with 90% of the homes damaged by Hurricane Ivan. Poor bastards. For me, the dark rainy days aren't helping my adjustment any, it's only furthering my desire to crawl into bed and slide into a deep hibernation. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Last night I went to Princess Blondie's place for dinner and after eating she and her beau Bruno and I curled up and watched a nice wholesome movie together, "Deathwatch". When that concluded it was more or less a race to see which of us could get to bed first, we were so tired. She won coz it was her house and I still had to drive home. I was in bed before 10pm. Sweet, sweet jet lag, why must you beat me down so badly??

All over the news this morning was word that presidential candidate John Kerry is vowing, that if elected, he would stop allowing Toronto to dump it's trash in Detroit. See, Toronto ships about 150 trucks worth of it's garbage south of a border each day and pays very good money to a private landfill to dump it there. And while I was at first annoyed with Kerry's election promise, I had to agree...I one wants someone else's garbage, right? Then again, Ontario is one of the main dumping grounds for America's toxic waste, so he best be careful with his trash talking or he's gonna be swimming in toxic goo. More on the flipside of the debate here in this editorial piece.

1.5 hours until I can leave work. Time is crawling. Must focus on the idea that I am meeting a good friend after work for dinner. Mmmmm...suuuuushi.