Monday, August 30, 2004
here a shuk, there a shuk, everywhere a shuk shuk
First of all, as per the comments in the last entry. si, if you can believe it, you were the FIRST person I bought a souvenir for! In Jerusalem, of course. And Melra, you got the present you were hoping for, I picked it up in Shuk Carmel (the market) today in fact!

Today was spent shopping in Tel Aviv in the markets and at the Dizengoff Center, the big mall in Tel Aviv. Oh how I love the markets, definitely my most favourite thing to do in Israel. And I ate some SUPER tasty shawarma and loved it; it was my first time having it for some reason! Won't be my last while I'm here, let me tell ya.

I am having the absolute BEST time ever, and totally thought of you, si, when I spent the day in Jerusalem yesterday. I took a tour of all the big churches and took pics of the hall in which Jesus had the last supper and of Jesus' tomb! (see how often I have you on my mind, si??). And of course I went to the Kotel (Western Wall), a must when you go to Israel. And being the lucky girl that I am I found lots of markets to visit. I took pictures, and one day I may even get around to posting them. There are going to be *tons* so it may have to wait until I get home; it will take a long time to post them and to write about them. I can't waste the time here doing all that.

Anyway, having a *fabulous* time, seeing SO so much more than the last time. Wish you were all here with me. And yes, Civax I'm going to call you. Probably tomorrow. As for the rest of my Israeli readers and fellow bloggers..I'll see you Sept 2nd. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!