Sunday, September 05, 2004
going, going.....
Well this is it. My last day in Israel. Couldn't you just cry!?
I spent Friday and Saturday up in the north, strolling around the Galilee region. So lush! So green! So unlike the rest of Israel!!! LOL I had an *amazing* time looking at the ruins at Banias. I went swimming in a river and I walked around under the blazing sun. And I broke new records in my picture taking....130!!! Oy, you have no idea how long it took me to upload them, edit and rename them. But it's all worth it...

Today I am going to do some shopping...gotta get some souvenirs for a few more people and buy an extra piece of luggage; seems I'm leaving with more than I came with (how did I not see this coming!? duh!). Here I thought I was so clever because I managed to (over)pack all I needed into one bag. Lesson learned! Leave room for goodies coming back.

Anyway, I know my posts have been brief, but I am trying to keep in vacation mode as much as I can. I will share more stories of my adventures when I daydream of them upon my return to work.
I leave tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn.