Tuesday, September 07, 2004
home sweet home!
Well, it was an emotional goodbye for me as I got in a taxi and headed to the airport in Israel Monday morning. I actually had to fight back tears as we drove, and I tried to take in everything I saw along the way. I wanted to etch it into my memory as best I could so I wouldn't forget what it all looked and felt like. I think I surprised myself with how attached I became to it all this trip... it was tough leaving.

Then again, it was wonderful coming home too; trips are such a double edged sword that way. Nearly 24 hours after I had woken up to head home I was flying over my city and I stared in awe at the beauty of the city lights at night, viewed from way up above. It was an emotional return to Toronto, just as it had been an emotional goodbye in Israel. My dad picked me up from the airport and drove me back to my place where my mom was waiting with flowers and a few groceries to tide me over until I could fill my fridge back up again. I gave them some of the presents I bought and we sat up and talked for a while. They didn't stay long as it was quite apparent that I was exhausted and ready for sleep. Thanks to arriving home at night I have been able to get right back into a daily routine without any jetlag. Less than 10 hours after my arrival I was back out the door and on my way to work.

As I drove to work I was blasting the music in my car and singing my heart out. I'm feeling damn good today, as I get re-acquainted with my home life again. Morning rush hour traffic? Doesn't bother me! I'm just happy to be back in my own car again and driving (plus, I've seen the driving in Israel. I'll take Canada's driving over that madness any day!). And the weather? I am thrilled to report it is cloudy and rainy today! No blazing sun beating down on me today, making me sweat off 5 lbs a minute! And rain!!! I have renewed appreciation for it. Work? Plenty to do as work has been piling up in my absence, which also suits me just fine coz I'd rather be busy.

One of my co-workers put up Welcome Back signs ALL OVER my office, making me feel warm and fuzzy about my return. I had been e-mailing everyone in the office while I was away and they felt like they had taken the trip with me, what with the pictures and all. Speaking of which, I have somewhere in the neighbourhood of about 300 pictures. Somehow I don't think I'll be putting those all up on my photoblog, so I'm going to have to get tough and pick and choose only the very best. Maybe I should have a separate photoblog just for the pictures of Israel? What do you think?

*sigh* I'll start uploading in a day or two, once I've settled in. For now I just wanna ride this amazing good feeling I have...bask in the afterglow from a wonderful vacation. Maybe one day I might even get around to unpacking.