Thursday, September 02, 2004
"Having an AWESOME time, wish you were here!"
I think I can safely say I am having one of the best times of my life here in Israel. *sigh* It all started with the best birthday present in my life (a plane ticket to Israel), followed by the sweetest most patient host (you're the bestest!!), excursions everyday to places I have always wanted to see and some I didn't know I wanted to see, and then "the cherry on top" of all this.... the Blogger Bash.

A surprisingly large group of bloggers gathered in Israel tonight and finally put faces to the words we have all been reading. Some of those I met I have been anxious to meet for years, and some were new to me. All were wonderful. I am going to names a few bloggers in particular, even at the risk of accidentally snubbing someone; if I don't mention you, take no offense! I've had a long day, I'm very tired, but most of all I am forgetful. That being said......

First of all, if someone doesn't marry Gil or Civax, I am going to. 'Nuff said about that. I was *thrilled* to meet Dave and Dave, definitely among my favourite blogs. I couldn't be happier that you came out tonight, and I hope to stalk mean READ your blogs for years to come. *wink* Harry and Jennifer were wonderful to talk to about life back on the other side of the pond (North America) versus life in Israel, and I was elated to meet another Torontonian (but I don't have your blog address!! what is it??). And Allison, one of the "Israeli blogging gurus" was very down to earth, shattering whatever snobby image I had built up in my head (I'm kidding!!! lol). And I was lucky enough to meet the ever elusive Imshin...truly a delightful person. And let's not forget the extremely adorable favourite Brasilian girl who made the journey to Israel 2 years ago and has shared her struggles and her triumphs in her blog.

If I have forgotten anyone, I'm sorry! Like I said, it's been a very long day, and I must head to bed soon. My day started early when I caught a train up to Haifa, and of course I took more pictures than a pervert at a nudist colony! Coz I'm a TOURIST!!!!!! That's what we do. Haifa was beautiful, I could have stared at the view forever...
However! I had me a Newton moment when I was 'ploinked' on the head by an olive falling from a tree. Never in all my days as a Canadian (and that would be my whole life, thus far) did I ever imagine I would be in a place where an olive would be given the opportunity to smack me in the head. Further argument for the phrase "Never Say Never", I suppose.

Anyway! I will post about the Blogger Bash in greater detail next week when I am home from my trip, and I will also be updating my blogroll to add some blogs from a few fine folks I have somehow been missing out on! It was great to meet everyone!!!!!!!!!!