Wednesday, September 08, 2004
you sneaky jetlag, you!
Yeah I'm not recovering from jetlag nearly as quickly as I thought I was. My body has been rebelling against me in unspeakable ways for the last 36 hours (really, I'll spare you the grody details) and now I'm awake at 5:30am and unable to get back to sleep. I'm bagged and not looking forward to going to work today.

I have been getting back into my routine in terms of news reading, and I am dismayed by what I am seeing. More and more kidknappings, murders, suicide bombers, and various other forms of terrorism. The world is a mess and is showing no signs of getting any better. Pretty depressing stuff.
I was in Israel when the whole fiasco in Beslan, Russia was going on. I was horrified as I watched the news unfold and was angered both by the act in itself and of the Russian government's effort to cover up what was really going on. The entire event was an atrocity and my heart goes out to those affected. Here in my little Canadian bubble I can admit I have no real concept of what those people are going through, but I do sympathize.

On another topic, I was watching one of my favourite shows last night, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Unlike other makeover shows which are often shallow and superficial, this show makes a real effort to a make a difference for families in serious need. Last night's episode took place when a woman wrote in and nominated the person who had donated bone marrow to save her 6 month old daughter's life. So the bone marrow donor and her family got an *entirely* new home (they tore down the old one because it was rotting and falling apart and built a new one!) and was unaware that they won this new house because of one woman returning a favour to another. At the end of the show the two woman and the little girl (now 3 years old) were introduced for the first time and the donor was told she got the house because of the gratitude of the woman with the girl. I wept like a donkey when the two woman hugged and the grateful mom cried "Thank you for saving my daughter!". I swear to god, I am choking up now just thinking about it. It was a beautiful moment, it really was. Karma paid a visit, and in a wonderfully positive way.
Anyway! If you have a chance to watch it I suggest you give it a try. And I double dawg DARE ya not to cry! Go ahead. Try NOT to. If you succeed you have no soul. :-P

And the countdown to my 30th birthday is on. I know my friends are scheming and doing something because they have been SILENT about making plans with me. One friend even slipped up yesterday (without knowing, coz he's a goof) and said that so-and-so asked him for someone's e-mail address because they couldn't reach that person regarding the plans for my birthday. Ha! I laughed inside when he said this. Plans? There are plans? Funny.... I'm not aware of any plans......

Before I go, If you're from Toronto you may find this post from Andrea funny: you know you're from Toronto when.... (for those who met me in Israel and noticed this point, there is one on the list just for you: "For the last time, it's pronounced 'TRONNA'!")

And what the F*@k is wrong with Blogger that this post refused to publish?!?!