Sunday, September 05, 2004
Well it's nearly 7am, and I am showered, packed and ready to go. *sigh*
Time to say goodbye to Israel again.

But how can I complain? This has been the best trip of my life, indeed, somes of the best times of my life. And certainly the best birthday present ever. *grin* Who says turning 30 is so bad?!!

So I will be hopping in a cab shortly to head to the airport to stand around and wait for many hours and have security rip apart my carefully packed luggage. Then I'm gonna fly for about 11 hours and land in Newark, New Jersey where I have to kill about 3 - 5 hours and then get on a plane for a short jaunt up to Toronto (about an hour). Sounds like FUN doesn't it??? lol

see you guys when I get back to the other side of the pond!