Wednesday, July 21, 2004
take a deep cleansing breath
Ill tell ya something...I am a girl who is in one FOUL friggin' mood today. Let it be known, and may I advise all to steer clear. I think it all started with me waking up after a rather extended dream about an old friend. It angered me, saddened me and worried me. Seems anger was the emotion that stuck with me though.  Then I had a mild confrontation with a pedestrian while driving to work in which we both flipped each other the bird. While I drove into work I tried to change my mood...breathe deeply and count to ten....listen to happy music and bop along....let go of the anger and frustration. But I must say, that crap just never works for me. lol. My number one worst personal flaw is my inability to let go of something that is eating me up inside. I wish I could, but I have no idea how. I've tried *many* different ideas with little to no success. Years after an incident I can still stew about things, and it's simply not healthy. And just because I know that doesn't mean I can help it. Anyway, then I came into work and the mood is as tension filled as ever. Will our company shut down? Won't it? Ugh, the meeting this morning did nothing to improve my mood. I did finally post a new entry into my dream blog which has somewhat elevated my mood, but I'm really counting on dinner tonight in Princess Blondie's new home to help me forget the day's bullshit. I hope that some dinner with good friends and a few good laughs will help me to relax. Oh, and my back is feeling much better today. Thanks to those who sent me well wishes. :-)

Before I go can I just vent on one last thing that is chapping my ass today? IGNORANCE is pissing me off, and I am tired of Israel having to defend itself against it while trying to defend itself everyday against enemies who would like to see its demise. The news is filled with reports about how Israel is not complying with an order to dismantle their security fence. You know...the fence they are building to stop terrorists from waltzing in to blow themselves up amongst as many Jews as possible. I would like to once again remind everyone that Israel is not the only one to have built such a fence... I have included a picture (thanks to Honest Reporting) that shows other fences in the world that were built for the very same reasons. Come on people, why is Israel being held to a different standard than those other countries? Why were they not dragged into a world court to explain why they are building a fence to defend themselves? (and again, the REASON was never discussed in court, only the results as they pertained to the Palestinians. terrorism was not discussed).
I'm sick and tired of it. GRRR!!!!!
Security fences around the world