Sunday, July 11, 2004
my weekend
Alright, I am done ranting about Israel now and I can recap my weekend for those interested in hearing about it. If you actually *wanted* to hear my rant about the terrorist attack in Israel today, see my previous post. As my shirt indicates in this pic, I'm crazy, and I am blaming it on the madness of the world around me.

Saturday was a day spent roaming the streets of Toronto with a friend of mine. We checked out the Toronto Street Festival and saw all kinds of street performers, musicians and booths set up all along the street. For some reason I get a strange kick from wandering around on a street that has been closed off to traffic. *shrug*
After walking until we just couldn't walk anymore we decided to take advantage of the Summerlicious event in Toronto and sample a new restaurant. We opted to try a restaurant called the City Grill, located in the famous Toronto Eaton Centre. It was mighty tasty, let me tell ya! I had me a steak and my friend tried the red snapper. For $20 we got a salad, main course and dessert. A great deal!

Anyway, after all that walking around we were in serious need of some rest so we decided to take in a movie so we could sit for a couple of hours. We saw "King Arthur" which wasn't a bad movie. It wasn't outstanding, but it was certainly watchable and entertaining.
After the movie we made our way over to the bar (El Mocambo) to see my brother's band play. Did you know that the Rolling Stones once played there? Pretty cool stuff. It was a fun show and my dad came out to join us as well. After the show my brother's band, my friend and I, and my brother's girlfriend and my dad all went to Chinatown and grabbed some late night noodles (it was about Midnight). By this time I was absolutely exhausted, but man-oh-man..the food was delicious! Noodles and squid...... mmmmmmm.

For pics of the Street Festival and my brother's band go to my photoblog, Dreaming in Blue.

By the time I got home it was after 2am (see previous post) and I was whipped. I finally got to bed by 3am and up again by 10am. I wanted to pay my old neighbour Princess Blondie a visit in her new home. It was good to see her and we spent the day doing chick stuff (ie: shopping). A fun and relaxing way to spend the day. And now I am going grocery shopping! Long live the 24 hour grocery store!!!!

And just to let you know posting may be light for the next two days since I am going to SCHOOL for a couple of days; that's right, the boss is paying to upgrade my skills, so I am working on a desktop publishing certificate. Yay!!! This finally has me excited about my job again. Feels damn good.
Hope everyone had a great weekend too!