Friday, July 16, 2004
rollercoaster week
Yes, I disappeared for a few days; sometimes I just need to do that. After a wonderful two days in school I came back to work re-energized and ready to apply all I had learned only to find out our company has been delivered some very bad news, and our future  has become uncertain. We have been in management meetings every morning, all week, trying to figure out a game plan but things remain tense. That really killed the fine mood I was in at the beginning of the week, and it kinda carried through until this morning. How all this plays out will *greatly* affect my future. Strangely, I am not worried. I get this peculiar feeling deep inside that whatever comes of this is supposed to happen and is part of the bigger plan for me. Perhaps it is to nudge me in a direction that I have been too cautious to explore? Who knows.
So the last two days I have been in a busy and tense work fog. Meeting up with various friends through the week has helped to not let me get too low, and a phone call from Oren over in Israel always helps. But this morning, the strangest thing happened...
I have been searching online for a childhood friend of mine for years now. We lost touch about 8 years ago, and I have been unable to track her down. It doesn't help that she has always been a bit of a wanderer, having lived in several cities all over Canada. Couple that with the idea that she may have married, and I was really lost in trying to find her.
But this morning when I slightly changed my search in Google, I tripped across a page put up by a cousin (?) of hers. And on that page (a site put together for family to get news about each other and share pictures) I found an announcement of her marriage.....3 years ago... in Switzerland!!!!! Wow! Part of me was shocked, part of me wasn't surprised at all. All of me was happy for her, and for finding her.  But wait, it gets more bizarre.
As I read more of the family news I read something about a cousin of MINE on seems that my friend's cousin had married into MY family!!!!  There was mention of a cousin in particular that I had just gone "back home" a month ago and visited with!!  NOW I was surprised. How small can this world get??
After looking all over the website I finally found an e-mail address for my friend and I have written to her. I am *so* excited! :-)
I really needed a "win" this week, ya know?  *grin* The lesson for this week? Never give up.
Shabat Shalom.