Friday, July 09, 2004
another brick in the wall
I'm far too annoyed about this to discuss it in any kind of rational way, but yes, I am aware the the "World Court" has decided that the security fence Israel is building is illegal. What nobody seems to be reporting is the fact that the court refused to hear from victims of terrorism in Israel, reinforcing the whole reason why Israel is building this fence in the first place. Sounds like a balanced court to me...bring in the two sides and then refuse to allow witnesses to speak. Great.
And how about the fence that is being built between India and Pakistan (to keep out terrorists, of course)? Why aren't they being dragged into International Court? Ucch. Don't even start me on this. I'm just glad Israel is disregarding the ruling and even more happy that the White House is brushing it off too.

Once again, here are some links:
Here is a site that shows other fences around the world, just like the one Israel is building, complete with pictures. If there is one site you should look at, it's that one.
Here is an article on Honest Reporting that discusses the fact that the reason for the fence being built was not even brought up in court. Here is the official stand of the Israeli Government on the matter.

Ugh. I can't even get into it more than that. I was going to offer more links than that, but unless you are Jewish or Arab this probably doesn't matter to you (which is sad, coz as we all know terrorism affects us all, one way or another even if it's not in your backyard). If you ARE interested, check out the links in the right hand column of my page under the heading "Israel" or visit one of these blogs: Meryl, Israellycool, Smooth Stone, Boker Tov, Boulder!, or Allison. They will most certainly have opinions on the matter and generally keep current on what's going on (there are other blogs too, so don't get your shorts in a bunch if I didn't mention you; I chose to mention those that will offer links to news items as well as opinions).
Read more, learn more. That's all I can say. Things aren't always as they seem (or are portrayed).