Saturday, July 17, 2004
quest for fire
how far would you go for love? how much would you be willing to risk for a chance at finding "the one"? would you try a blind date? an online dating service? allowing someone to set you up? or maybe just a bar or party? would you be willing to spend a fair sum of money to fly half-way around the world to meet someone you have talked to online? what if you like him or her? would you move there after only a few meetings? (dating can't be done from afar, afterall)

One of the first blogs I started reading was 2 HaTs. Lorien is an Israeli woman who fell in love with a Canadian man she met online. It moved on to phone calls and eventually they met. I don't recall the details now (I think they met up in Amsterdam one of the first times) but in the end she married him and moved to Canada (Calgary, for those who know where that is. couldn't be more unlike Israel if you tried). She left behind everyone and everything she knew and has built a wonderful life for herself here (I recall one of the deciding factors for why she came here rather than him there was that she could speak English whereas he could not speak Hebrew, but that was just one factor). I remember being absolutely amazed at the risk of it all. Maybe I'm just not a risk taker or maybe I was envious, I don't know.

So? Would you? Would you be willing to pack up your life and leave for something that may or may not pan out? Would you give up your job, home, family, friends and country?
I just got an e-mail back from my childhood friend that I finally tracked down yesterday. Her e-mail was even more unintelligble than mine due to excitement; seems she had been looking for me too. She mentions she had fallen in love with a Swiss guy here in Canada, but his visa ran out so she followed him back to Switzerland. Again, I am amazed and perhaps jealous. Would I do it if I fell in love? Would I be willing to risk it all?
Anyway, they are moving back to Canada this fall so I am VERY excited. I will finally be able to see her again after nearly 9 years. :-)

Today I spent some time with my mom at my parents place, and by that I mean I took my laundry over to their house. I made a deal with my mom.....I fix her computer problems and she does my laundry. So I spent the afternoon fixing her computer up and I got my laundry smelling fresh and clean. Not a bad deal.
After that I met up with my geek boys and we went and saw "I, Robot". It was a very entertaining film. For some reason it didn't totally knock my socks off, but it was pretty damn good. Heh. Robots are cool.
When the movie finished we headed back to my friend's house and played with his baby, visited with his wife, ate dinner and watched tv. Life is good. :-)
Hope y'all are having a good weekend....