Sunday, July 11, 2004
can't I have just *one* night of fun??
I just came home, it's 2am, and THIS is the news I am greeted with. Wonderful. Yet another terrorist attack by Palestinians (targeting a bus stop with a bomb, of course). I am too tired to get angry about this, all I can say the fence. Faster, please.

UPDATE: Here is more info on the attack if you haven't already read up on the incident. The woman killed was only 19 years old, and reports put the wounded somewhere between 20 - 30 people. And please remember, wounded can include something as devastating as a limb lost or worse. The bomb was packed with metal shards (likely ball bearings or nails) for maximum damage to anyone standing nearby, as they are sprayed with deadly shrapnel.

And in case you think this isn't your problem because you're not Jewish, let me point out a recent incident in Paris in which a woman and her baby were attacked because they were believed to be Jewish. They weren't. Anti-semitism can affect you even if you're not Jewish, as you can well see (careful, you wouldn't want to be mistaken for one of us!).
Perhaps this is why there has been such a huge spike in French Jews immigrating to Israel. Because it is safer to be a Jew in Israel than in France, ladies and gentlemen. That's why Israel exists, and that's why the fence needs to be built.
Oh, and in case you have ever been swayed by those "peaceful protesters" who demonstrate against the wall being built, have a look at this and think again.

Oh, and btw, to the sick bastard who made up this's seriously not funny in any way, shape or form. I hope that one day karma comes to pay you a visit.

Ugh, I can't talk about this anymore today. I will post later today about my fun yesterday because I am determined to have a good weekend, damnit. Check back later.