Tuesday, May 18, 2004
sometimes I'm embarrassed by my own Canadian press
I went on Google News this morning, and right at the top of the news section was an article from a Toronto paper, the headline reading: "Rafah residents now refugees in their own refugee camp". Refugees in their own refugee camp!?!? What the hell kind of journalist is this?! I could barely stand the article long enough to finish reading it because it was all so subjectively written with such dramatic sentences as "Piled on the back of a white Volvo trailer as it bumped and rumbled through the refugee camp were two aged refrigerators, piles of thin mattresses and a wildly coloured assortment of carpets.". My god those EVIL Israelis, how could they do this?? The entire article revolves around these poor Palestinians that are without a home because of the evil invading Israeli army coming along and demolishing their homes. Oh really? How about the fact that this particular town is known for it's weapons smuggling, often in underground tunnels, from Egypt? That *barely* gets mentioned in the article (ONE little sentence). I see quotes like "We're moving because the court signed our death certificates," said Ms. el-Aydee's brother-in-law Mohammed, 31.". Death certificates? You mean like the ones filled out by the Israelis for their 13 soldiers killed last week when they were systematically blown up, only to have Palestinians run around with their body parts, waving them in front of cameras? I think I'll have to write and thank Globe and Mail for such objective journalism.. it really helps me to understand and sympathize with the plight of those poor Palestinians. (while I'm at it, I'll thank them for this article too. front page!)
Well at least they managed to report about the sarin gas found in that artillery shell in Iraq yesterday. They're on the ball!