Thursday, May 20, 2004
red lentils cause insanity
I keep saying I'm not going to write about the events going down in Israel, and I won't. But I must say it's getting harder and harder given how prominent it is becoming in the news. My frustration reached it's peak this morning when I was watching my usual morning breakfast television show and they held up the biggest Toronto newspaper, The Toronto Star and showed that Israel was splashed all over the front page including a *huge* picture of injured Palestinians. Hm. I don't recall seeing a huge picture depicting the injured Israeli soldiers from a week ago, the events that pretty much trigger the events now. Anyway, I'm not going to get into it because it will only cause me to rant and make very little sense because I will speak out of anger and bias. If you want to read more I highly suggest Israellycool, Meryl, Allison, Boker Tov, Boulder!, Smooth Stone or Command Post.

Meanwhile, I remain drunk on the love of my friends (lol!). Yesterday was just a fantastic day spent with two of my friends, eating, laughing our asses off, and just truly enjoying each others company. We stuffed our faces with lots of tasty dim sum and had a good chuckle over Buffy The Vampire Slayer. After that one friend headed back to work and the other went with me to see Shrek 2. SO funny!! We laughed so hard I thought we were gonna cry; good thing the theatre was nearly empty. It was just a great afternoon and afterwards I emailed both friends a picture from the day and thanked them for making my day. Coz that's what friends are for, damnit. :-)

When I got home I stopped at Princess Blondie's place across the hall and said hi as she was going out the door. She was off to a doctor's appointment, so I offered to babysit her puppy, Carmella. I love borrowing other people's dogs. lol. All the fun without the commitment! So I played with the puppy, took a million pictures and eventually we both collapsed on my couch and had a nap until mommy and daddy came home. And you wanna know how good a friend Princess Blondie is? At one my point I texted her cellphone and told her I needed a chocolate bar. She asked what kind, and I told her a Crunchie. And voila! When she knocked on my door to pick up her puppy she had the chocolate bar in hand. For me!! She's just the sweetest friend and neighbour ever. It's gonna be SOOOO sad here when she moves out of the building in July. :'-(

And in case all that wasn't good enough, my day today is already starting out right. I got a parcel delivered to my home and inside was a present from a very sweet and adorable Israeli fellow, Oren. He had sent me a mug from an awesome site called God Checker. How totally thoughtful was that??? *sigh* Why do the good ones have to live on the other side of the world?? ((hugs)) Toda raba, Oren. You made my day, sweetie.

As for the rest of the day, I'm gonna try and get some work done and I'm going to look into some schools and see if I can upgrade some skills for work. That should get my boss off my back with the ole "what direction do you want to take your job in?" and heck, I won't say no to free education. Sounds like a good deal for both of us!
Tonight I am hooking up with a group of my girlfriends and we're going to do dinner somewhere. We're still debating where that might be...always the hardest part in making these plans. lol.
*grin* I love my friends.

And before I go allow me to explain the title of this post; it was brought to you by the clown who entered "red lentils cause insanity" into Google and got this post of mine. I think this may rank as one of the most peculiar searches yet.