Wednesday, April 28, 2004
happiness is conjugating verbs
So after my Hebrew class last night I felt all inspired to learn (as I always do, I have a great teacher) so I went out and dropped some coin on a book I have been looking at for a while now. I know, it's not everyone's idea of great reading, but I'm hoping it will help me on my quest to learn this friggin' impossible language.
While I was at the bookstore I also grabbed a program for the Toronto Jewish Film Festival. It's very exciting, though I'm not sure how many movies I will be able to see. The one I really want to see, Hebrew Hammer (check it out, there are familiar actors in there! it looks hilarious!), conflicts with my Thursday night Survivor plans with the neighbour. We'll see, it depends on how badly I want to see it.

So, it should be known that I am a girl who is all about immediate gratification. When I want something, I want it NOW and once an idea is stuck in my head I obsess. Learning Hebrew is no exception. I get very frustrated because I just want to speak it NOW...none of this painfully slow learning crap; I'm far too impatient. I have daydreamed with a few friends about a fantastic future in which we would have memory slots, and you could put in language chips. I asked my friends which languages they would choose if they were only allowed five slots (and if you want English that takes up one of the slots, no freebies!!). I said I wanted English, Hebrew, French (loathe as I am to say it, but it's handy), Spanish and...some kind of Oriental language. I'd have to do more research before I specify. Japanese? Cantonese? Mandarin? I'd have to look into the matter. Which languages would you like to have?

Anyway, in my renewed obsession to learn Hebrew I have gone back to listening to the Hebrew language cd's in my car to and from work. That gives me about an hour a day, which is pretty good. And I am hoping I can exercise discipline and do at least an hour of homework every night, but I can be a lazy bastard sometimes so I'm not sure how long that will last. The way I look at it, an hour, if you do it *right* after work as dinner is cooking, shouldn't be that hard to manage. Just gotta muster that discipline that's so hard to come by.

I'd also like to get a bike ride in every night after work too, but I'm not sure how often THAT would actually happen. First problem is to get the bike from my parents home (gee, that might help). LOL. But I like bike riding, and don't even see it as exercise so much as a fun activity; the fact that it's good for you is just a bonus. I live in a neighbourhood that is much easier to get around in by bike than car, so it would give me a chance to explore areas and stores/shops I haven't seen yet. This is my spring and summer project.

I also bought some cookbooks last night when I was at the bookstore. They are my favourite kind...small little books with colour pictures on every page, and 6 steps to the recipe or less. Makes it all very manageable. I'm hoping to break out of my boring routine in which I have about 5 meals I make well, and cycle through them. In other words, I lack cooking imagination. Doesn't mean I don't like to cook, coz I do. I just don't have the imagination to dream up exciting ideas and recipes. So add that to my project list for this spring and summer. :-)

What are your plans for this summer? Making any changes?