Monday, May 03, 2004
Behind Enemy Lines
I went to see the most fantastic film on Sunday, with That Redhead. It was called Behind Enemy Lines and is one of those films that will have you thinking for years to come....and for me it had me crying and laughing all at the same time. It took a heartbreaking look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the eyes of two men (one from each side of the conflict) who, through friendship, struggle to get each to understand the other's side of things. Each man takes the other to his side of the world and shows what he feels are important areas or points of interest in an effort to open the other's eyes to what's going on. My words are sadly doing no justice to this was very moving. I cried. Lots. lol!

I was *thrilled* to see that the two men (Palestinian journalist Adnan Joulani and Israeli policeman Benny Herness) had actually come all the way to Toronto to screen the film. They took questions afterwards, and (as That Redhead puts it) I went all fan-girl and chased the men down so I could try and speak with them and get their pictures. Unfortunately I don't make a very good fan-girl because I don't have much to say to people like that and I end up being all shy, but I did get my picture taken with Benny (the super hot and sweet Israeli man. *swoon* Damn that wife and kid!). He was really nice....and really friggin' tall. I haven't had time to edit the pics today, I'll put them up tomorrow. Then I went and stood by Adnan, the Palestinian, so I could hear him talking to the hordes of Jews that were swarming him and forcing him to defend his position. I really felt bad for him, and thought he was damn brave to stand there and take his licks from an obviously biased crowd. What I wouldn't give to have coffee with that guy; I'd ask him a million questions, and many of them wouldn't even be that political. I am just curious about how he grew up, where he got his education (he speaks at least three languages fluently) and just generally get his take on things. He was a very interesting guy.

Both men were the sweetest, and clearly had great affection for each other. They don't see eye to eye on the nitty gritty issues, but they remain friends through the debate (and yes, the debates got heated from time to time). It's wonderful, and I only wish more of that was going on in Israel. *sigh*

Just seeing all the clips of Israel...seeing places I recognized from my trip...made me really sad about not being able to go again anytime soon. I'm entertaining the idea of a sugar daddy. Those interested, may apply within. *wink*

Anyway, it was a great day and I finally got to meet That Redhead. We have been talking online for a while now, but now we know each other in the REAL world. Oooooo....ahhhhhh. We had a great time (at least, that's what she's saying on her journal... lol).

And now I'm gettin' ready to hook up with my friend to do a meeting. Yup, I know how to have fun. :-)