Friday, May 21, 2004
bad hair day
What you see before you is known as a "before and after". The first two pictures are of Princess Blondie's dog BEFORE her haircut, and then the other two are, of course, after.
It went a little like this: I was in a restaurant last night with a few of my girlfriends when I get a call on my cell phone. Why it's my bestest buddy and neighbour, Princess Blondie! "Hello?" says I. "Hi, where are you?" asks Blondie. "Uhhh..(thinking this is a strange call, since she had already hung out with me earlier in the day and never asks where I am)...I am out with some friends at Kelsey's". "Are you coming home soon?" she asks. (now I'm curious) "Yesss... why?" (curiouser and curiouser) "Just knock on our door when you get home" (now I'm worried) "Is everything ok?" I ask trying to sound casual. "We've had a bit of an accident" (now I'm really worried) "What kind of accident??" ... (pause) ... "With Carmella and a pair of clippers" (insert laughter from me) "YOU GAVE YOUR PUPPY A HAIRCUT?! I'll be home soon with the camera".

And there you have it. Carmella was left alone too long with her mommy and daddy and they got the idea in their head that they wanted to give her a haircut. And so they did. Somewhat upset that she "had ruined her puppy" Princess Blondie is taking her baby to the groomers this morning to get the haircut..."modified". Meanwhile, with this haircut came a *radical* personality change in this puppy the likes of which I have never seen. She has become a bit on the hyperactive side, apparently feeling free as a bird now that she is "naked". With all that fur removed she has found she can run MUCH faster than before... less wind resistance, afterall. And run she does...there is NO sitting still for this girl. This is a puppy in motion. Sure she looks a bit like a circus dog, but she's a HAPPY and free circus dog. It's really quite funny. She has been freed from her furry prison and is feeling frisky!! And that tail! WHERE did that tail come from?? She seems completely surprised to see it every few minutes or so and ends up chasing it around in circles. I'm thinking she didn't have much tail-awareness before because she just couldn't see it. (for more Carmella pics, including bathtime and younger pup pics, go to my photoblog Captured Dreams. many of the pics can be found under the "family, friends and me" category, though some are right on the front page)

So there you have it. I thought I'd end the week with a little warm hearted and cute story. Perhaps tomorrow I will post pictures of Carmella post-groomer to see how the cut really turns out. As for me, I am preparing for the first long weekend of the summer and am happy to have a three day weekend. On top of that I have my favourite cousin flying in from the west coast tomorrow night to visit for a week. Can't wait, I haven't seen her in two years. Hope the rest of you have a great weekend! Shabat Shalom.