Monday, May 24, 2004
all this and chocolate too
Whew, I'm having a very busy weekend (it's not over yet, it's a long weekend here) with friends and family. Saturday I spent some time in the afternoon with one friend for lunch and then a different friend in the evening. I like to really stretch out my friend time (and both friends gave me cards and sweet!!). :-) Yesterday I met yet another group of friends for breakfast, which is nice but makes me feel old for some reason. Isn't that an old person's activity?? Meeting your friends for BREAKFAST? What happened to the good ole days when you'd be sleeping in because you're young and crazy and out partying the night before? When you're young you do dinner, not breakfast. Hmph. Guess I'm getting old.

Then last night I went out with my family for dinner because my cousin and her husband are here visiting from the west coast. I have a lot in common with this cousin and we get along *so* well; really makes me wish she didn't live so far away. We all had nice big steak dinner and talked the night away. Really a great time. After that I managed to break away from the family to go have coffee with yet *another* friend (eek, I feel so popular).

Today I spent some time with a friend of mine who is moving away in a week. It's really getting depressing, having all my friends move away *to another country*. First Israel, then England, and now Turks & Caicos. *pout* Makes me sad. So yeah, we were trying to get some quality time in before the big move. Sushi did the trick. :-)

And now I'm puppy sitting for Princess Blondie and taking the pup with me over to my parents place for dinner with the family. Should be most interesting to see how the cats react. bwah ha ha... }:-)

What else....... a few random things.
First, I'd like to call Madonna a big fat coward for backing out of her concert dates in Israel. Way to give in to threats, you shithead. Really peeves me for some reason, I'm not sure why. It's just that Israel could really use something like that, and it turns out Madonna can talk the talk but not walk the walk. Ptooey! I have lost respect. You just let terrorism score another win.

And speaking of terrorism I'm *quite* amazed by the surge in hits on my blog from people using (Canadian) search engines looking for the Nick Berg beheading video. I have no idea why this is only the case with Canadian search engines, but there you have it. I think I mentioned the guy all of twice. *shrug*
Speaking of search engines let's all say hi to the person who typed "wow I am not doing well" into the MSN search engine and wish him/her well; apparently s/he is not doing well, and even seems a little surprised by (wow!). I'd also like to say hi to whomever typed "totally free naked pics" into that same MSN search engine and got ME (I'm ranked 14th!?!). Hope you found what you were looking for...your momma would be proud.

And lastly, in case anyone is even mildly interested, the great Canadian election has been called. We are going to get a new Prime Minister. Gee, I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. I'd offer details if I knew any, but I am a complacent Canadian only familiar with American and Israeli politics since they are far more interesting. Should you somehow be interested I suggest you start reading Wayne's blog, he is the most informed Canadian guy I know when it comes to politics, and he discusses them on a regular basis and with a passion I can only dream of.

That's about it for me, see ya tomorrow as I try to slide back into the work routine.
Meanwhile check out this site for Hebrew National. I stood in total amazement when I saw these hot dogs advertised on an American channel today, and the commercial made it sound like kosher food is the most exciting thing ever. I laughed.