Monday, March 22, 2004
here comes the rain again...
The world was a busy place while I slept last night. It often makes me fearful to check the news when I get up in the morning. This morning I stood with tears welling in my eyes as I watched news footage of yet more anti-semitic vandalism in the Toronto area, MY backyard, and just down the street from me. Exactly a week ago from the last incident, I watched the news as it showed tombstones tipped over, swastikas painted on Israeli signs and windows smashed in at local synagogues. I would be lying if I didn't say it worried me... I am angry and scared as I see places *I* know in the footage. I know those streets, I walk them. And I feel violated. Go look at the footage in the link and tell me you don't feel rage too. I have a sticker in the window of my home of two flags, the flag of Israel and the flag of Canada, to show solidarity. Does this mean my home will be targeted next? Just try it, you nasty sonsabitches!

The problem with living in Canada (as opposed to Israel) is that incidents like these are perceived as "the Jew's problems" not anyone else's. In Israel, Jews ARE the majority, so it is everyone's problem when something like this occurs. What is it going to take to make it everyone's problem here in Canada? How is hate not a community problem? Is it going to have to be made personal for it to matter? Will it take ME getting killed or hurt before my non-Jewish friends stand up and speak out?
And you know what? There are times I'd almost feel safer in Israel...there at least there is a sense of security, of awareness. They have guards outside of cafes, for pete's sake! Meanwhile I walk into a building that is clearly marked Canadian Zionist Federation for my Hebrew class, and note how easy it would be to attack. Anyone could walk into the building and blow it up or shoot up the place if they suddenly had a hankering for Jewish blood.
I live in Canada, where we believe we are safe from all that bad stuff, and if it happens, it's believed to be a one time incident that happens to other people. Well you know what? It's happening to MY people, and MY neighbourhood, and it's not going to go away if you just turn your head. And I am pissed right off.

Meanwhile, Israel has been taking care of business and killed Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founding leader of Hamas today. I might remind you that Hamas is a TERRORIST oraganization, responsible for a large portion of the bombings in Israel. And while half the world is off condemning Israel for targeted killings, I'd pose the question.....if the US Army had Osama bin Laden in their sights while flying overhead, and had a chance to finally take down the man responsible for so many deaths of it's citizens... do you think the world would condemn them if they chose to assassinate him? Why are the standards different for Israel than everyone else? The Palestinians have flat out refused to crack down on the terrorist activity, and so Israel is left with no other choice than to do it themselves.

However, my concerns now heighten for Israel..... this action is akin to smacking a hornets nest with a stick. The Palestinians are vowing revenge, but really, they are always trying to sneak into Israel. Each and every day terrorist attacks are thwarted, we just don't always hear about them. So don't think that they had stopped trying and NOW they're gonna start trying again....they never stopped in the first place. Threats are what they do best, so now the Palestinians are trying to scare Israeli citizens. But again, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was worried. Anger fans the flames, and you can bet your sweet ass that the Palestinians will be stepping up their efforts. And it will easier than ever to recruit volunteers to do the dirty deeds (they have already begun to line up. link via Michele. In fact, go read her post on all this, she says it MUCH better than I do).
For a better understanding of targeted killings and why Israel does it, read this (via JD).

Indeed, a great start to my week. :-/