Wednesday, March 24, 2004
don't EVEN get me started on this....
If this is their idea of getting back at Israel, Hamas is pretty sick.

A 12 year old (or 14 depending on reports) boy was paid 100 Shekels to blow himself up at a border, 'hopefully' taking as many Israeli soldiers along with him as possible. A robot was sent in to take the belt off the boy and he was taken in for questioning.
Let me help you, my audience, grasp this. The child was paid (not that he could use the money if he was dead) what is the equivalence to about $22 US dollars. Basically, in the eyes of Hamas, $22 is worth one Palestinian child and how ever many Jews he can take down with him.

Of course, they tried something similar last week when they gave an 11 year old boy a bomb to take across the border. Yeah that's right, and ISRAEL is the monster in all this..... don't make me laugh.
And I'd like to point out that THIS kind of stuff never makes it to