Saturday, March 27, 2004
first ya zig, than ya zag
Ladies and gentlemen....I am getting a new car next week!!! Talk about coming out of the blue or what?? Yes, my boss had done some math and decided to upgrade me from my current car (a 2001 Kia Sephia, black) to a shiny new 2004 Honda Civic DX. Apparently it carries the same monthly as my little Kia (there's a promotion on at the moment), so someone else in the office is getting my Kia and I get the new car. Hurray!!! I just came back from the dealership where I picked out the pretty blue as my colour of choice (hardly a surprise given my love affair with the colour blue). Actually, this particular blue is called "eternal blue"; not quite as catchy as celestial blue, but it'll do. *wink* I am so excited I could pee. The blue is so gorgeous!!! (I will take a picture of the car when I get it, because this picture here does it no justice)

This helps balance things out a bit..coz earlier in the week I found out that Princess Blondie, my beloved friend and neighbour across the hall from me, will be moving out in July; she and her beau Bruno have bought a home. I didn't mention it until now because quite frankly I'm quite glum at the prospect of living in this building without them; they have truly made it a joy here. *sigh* But on the other hand I am very happy for them, and their excitement is contagious. They aren't moving impossibly far away, so I will still see them. I just know that friendships can drift with even the slightest of distances, but we have made a pact to not let that happen. I will drive up to her house every Thursday if I have to, to catch Survivor! :-D
So let this be my big congratulations to them.....they truly deserve it.

Now I think I'm gonna catch up on a few chores around the home that have been neglected for the last two weeks. Dishes, and some tidying. And I have to put some clothes away....I went and did a little shopping with my mom this morning and got myself some new jeans. I am in love with the Gap stretch jeans and will wear no other; I finally had to get a new pair because I wore the ass clean out of my old ones on Friday giving anyone who was interested a little peep of flesh. If that's not a sign to get new jeans, I don't know what is. And I got a whole bunch of bright and colourful t-shirts from Old Navy to help keep my mood cheery as spring starts to roll in (*fingers crossed*). Nothing like a little shopping (you know, a new car, a pair of jeans and some t-shirts) to really improve one's mood. I think I've spent my first day off in weeks rather well!