Wednesday, March 17, 2004
See? I'm wearing green today (including green eyeshadow!) to mark the day. It's the Irish in me I can't help it. It's true, I'm an Irish girl and I love me potatoes, thank you very much! I've even been known to eat them raw like an apple (much to the utter disgust of my Israeli friend. heh).

When most people ask about my background I say I'm Canadian. Then they say, no really, where were your grandparents from? And I say Canada. Yes, that's right, they don't come much more Canadian than this here white girl. As I so fondly say, first jerks off the boat and exploiting the natives? Yeah, that was my clan. I am like millionth generation Canadian, which ends up making me feel like I have no heritage at all. I know virtually nothing of my Scottish/Irish heritage which leaves me feeling a little....wanting some days. However, that doesn't mean I don't have the drive to go to Ireland..because I most definitely do. It has always been at the top of my list of places to go since I was a child. But when the time came, I chose to go to Israel instead (a choice I by no means regret, and as you all know, I am clamouring to go back).

So I love this day if for no other reason than to acknowledge that little bit of Irish that lies dormant, deep within me. Some Israelis have even told me they hear the occasional word spoken with a slight lilt (accent). What can I say, I at least have the temper that the Irish are known for, and back in the day I could drink anyone under the table. And I don't know who the hell said the Irish were lucky, but I wouldn't exactly say I have been. ha! But I am short, like a wee little leprechaun.

For some history on the occasion try here, the History Channel put together a cool page. If you're looking for a little Irish lovin', try here at (I kid you not!). And here's a site to show you how it's done in Ireland.
Now go put on some green and drink some beer! (see? the Irish know how to have a good time! *wink*)