Monday, March 15, 2004
tail between legs
Am I the only one that sees Spain's plan to remove it's troops from Iraq as a victory for terrorism? That's precisely what Al Qaeda wants.... to intimidate. And it worked! Unbelievable...I am truly amazed that Spain would send out such a message. A message that if you attack them, they will back down. This is setting a dangerous precedence for things to come. I mean, I understand their fear, and I haven't generally looked upon this war too favourably...but it's a bit late. They are in the thick of it, and to pull out now sends all the wrong messages. I hate to say it, but unfortunately Al Quaeda won that round.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians are dancing in the streets and handing out candy in celebration of the 'successful' suicide bombings yesterday in Israel. Talk about dancing on someone's's sick. It must be so hard for the families of the victims to watch people celebrate the death of their loved ones in the news. (information on the victims can be found here)
Israel retaliated mere hours later by destroying buildings/factories used by Palestinians to build rockets and other weapons. No deaths were incurred in their retaliation.

As for's the start of a new week. It's going to be a long 2 weeks ahead of me, actually, as I am entering into a 12 day work week; between the two jobs, I won't be getting a day off until the 27th. That oughtta put me in a fine mood for the next while. LOL. All work and no play makes me a dull girl...

Anybody got some extra cash they feel like spending on a poor Canadian girl to send her to Israel for Pesach (Passover) in a couple of weeks? Think of the joy you'd be spreading!

Are ya sure??

Let me know if you change your mind. *wink*

(and have a good week, folks. oh, and a special hi goes out to a nice Israeli guy who e-mailed me to let me know that he thought my site was great, and to offer some words of encouragement about my Hebrew class dilemma. toda.)