Tuesday, March 16, 2004
random bits
Well, I'm tired of talking about the trouble in Spain and about how Arafat is a punk-ass who won't even let his police arrest terrorists. Today I just want to talk about light stuff, and walk away from the heavier stuff. Too much drama going on.

First of all, I am very very sad that Gil is walking away from blogging. He was one of the very first blogs I started reading, and has been an inspiration and amazing source of info and insight. I hope he makes his return, one day...

As for myself, I have found my bad mood finally lifting, much to my relief. I was afraid I would slip into the black abyss of depression, but it seems it was a short term mood. Whew. I think part of the relief came when I decided to deal with a problem differently. While I can't forgive (a certain) someone in my life who has caused me great pain (that seemed to have come back to haunt me last week), I *can* turn it around and remember why I loved that person and why the person was my friend to begin with. I chose to focus on the positive and not the negative, and even wrote to the person and said that even though we no longer talk, I will always love him/her. You can love someone but be angry or not even like them. We had a falling out, but that doesn't mean I don't worry or care.
Anyway, so I just wrote a quick note, putting aside my anger and hurt, to say all that. I felt better, and it felt good to let go of the anger for a while. Try it sometime, it's very liberating.

Today I was talking to K-Dogg for quite a while on MSN Messenger. He won't marry, despite me asking several times. I'm trying to not be devastated by the rejection, but he's such a total cutie. Go look at some pics of him. Coz not only is the guy a total babe, but he's funny and smart (we'll let it go that he's American...no one is perfect. :-P). And he has a great blog. If you're not already reading it, go check it out.

*sigh* What else? I see no one wants to make me the happiest woman alive, and send me on a trip to Israel. Last week I could have cried over that because I was going completely mad, but today it just makes me sad. And motivates me to buy a lottery ticket. Come on folks, just a little plane ticket...I'll find my own places to stay while I'm there! (like with Oren, Gil, Rinat, and Civax, for starters)
If you change your mind and want to see me weep with joy (I'll take pics and everything!) you know where to find me. :-)

Last night I came home to a black-as-charcoal dinner; I had left the slowcooker on high instead of low, causing my chicken to look and taste much like leather. I decided to give myself a break, so I had nachos and salsa for dinner (a very bad habit I have long lost...my body thanks me for that), and I watched a terrible movie called "Silent Warnings" (a ripoff of the movie "Signs"). I can only wonder what Billy Zane and Stephen Baldwin were thinking (another straight-to-video gem!).

Tonight I am attempting to recreate the same meal in the slowcooker, but on a lower temperature. Hopefully when I arrive home after work I'll have a meal I can actually eat this time. *fingers crossed* After eating I'm heading over to a friend's house to give her my taxes to do (talk about a true friend! she's too good to me) and to look at old pictures of her ancestors. She's been very busy trying to trace her family's history and she has turned up some interesting stuff. I like to hear about it coz then I get to learn about her culture and history (she's Chinese). All pretty cool. :-)

Two more things.

1. I have rediscovered the band Luscious Jackson (I forgot how much I loved them, and was despondent when they broke up). These girls kick ass, and if you have never heard of them you should. Try the album Natural Ingredients first (the link has sound clips).

2. If you know and/or love the movie The Exorcist you MUST see this hilarious cartoon. It's The Exorcist re-enacted by bunnies, in 30 seconds. I can't stop watching it and laughing (and be sure to check out Amy's Diary while you're there. I laughed so hard my boss came to see what the hell was going on. oops!). Enjoy!