Friday, January 30, 2004
go big or go home!
I just finished deleting a comment in the previous post. While I am not in the habit of arbitrarily deleting someone's comments just because I disagree with them, I will not engage in a debate with someone who (a) hasn't even got the facts straight and (b) is such a coward that they refuse to give a name and valid e-mail address along with their comments. I put myself out in the public eye with views that are often unpopular, so if you are going to challenge me feel free to do so, but if I see "anonymous" and no contact info you can expect there's a good chance I will delete you. If I am brave enough to take a stand publicly for what I believe in, I expect you to be as equally brave in challenging my views. The route taken was one of a coward. For that I have no respect.

That being said, let us move on. Today has been a blah day. Started off with a surprising call from my mother. It seems my Uncle George has died of a massive heart attack. Now before you all extend me sympathies, rest assured there was no love lost between me and the man. However, I am very sad for my cousins.....this uncle was the husband of my Aunt Kathy, whom I mentioned a few days ago (she died five years ago. for those too lazy to scroll back three posts click here). So I'm deeply saddened for my cousins who are now without a mother AND a father. The really weird part is that my uncle died yesterday, almost exactly five years after my aunt (5 years + a day). Very strange.

Anyway, that's done nothing to improve my crummy mood left over from yesterday's bad news (and thus my complete annoyance with the coward who posted a misguided comment....I am in no mood to deal with children right now). I have purchased a lottery ticket, and all going well I am going to win $30 million dollars tonight. That would improve my mood, I suspect. And tonight I am getting together with a bunch of friends, grabbing some dinner and watching a bunch of rented movies. I'm looking forward to putting this week aside for a few hours and just relaxing and having a few good laughs with my friends. I need it.
I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend. Shabbat Shalom.