Monday, December 01, 2003
Now is the time on Sprockets, when we DANCE!
Yesterday Princess Blondie and I went to a dance performance in a little tiny theatre in downtown Toronto (in the Distillery Historic District). We went to see a dance group called Aurora Dance perform, as a friend of Princess Blondie's had choreographed some of the work that would be shown. It is for this reason that I went, as it is normally NOT my cup of tea. I also thought it would be something new to experience on a lovely Sunday afternoon; why not, right?

Now.....I don't pretend to know much about dance, because I certainly don't. I had attempted dance lessons as a child, but as my mother later reviewed, I had the grace of an elephant. And I had no idea exactly what kind of dance I'd be going to see, but I'm game for anything once.

First of all, this was a really cool area of Toronto that I had never spent any time in before. It was an area closed off to cars where you just sort of walked up and down these cobble streets and saw galleries and studios and little quaint shops. Cool stuff. To me, the trip was worth it for that alone.
Then we headed up into the building that had the theatre, which was also pretty nifty. All these old warehouses and distilleries had been turned into useful living/working spaces, like large lofts. The theatre we went into was small, with only 4 rows of seating (I would guess about 100 in total, maybe a bit more). This made for an interesting environment for a theatre because you sat only about 10 - 15 feet (3 - 4.5 meters) away from the performers. You could hear their breathing and see every ripple of their clothing. It was an odd experience, actually. Am I supposed to be able to hear their barefeet squeak as they turn and dance, I thought? lol

Anyway, I'm not sure I have the appreciation of the art to really give it the full review it deserves, but from my standpoint it was still a fascinating show. You can't help but be impressed by the incredible shape these dancers are in...athletes, to be sure. Hard sinewy bodies that made me just stare in awe of their very well defined muscles. They have worked very hard to get where they are, and for that I have great respect. And they even managed to make running around and throwing themselves on the ground (and rolling) look kinda artistic (like I said, this isn't normally my thing. lol).

What can I saw, I had a VERY busy and interesting weekend.
And now the week begins again, and it's off to a rough start. I seem to be painfully clumsy today...dropping stuff left and right. And more forgetful than usual if that's even possible. I got on the highway this morning, heading to work, when I forgot the chili I said I was bringing into work for lunch. Wouldn't be such a big deal if it was just for me, but I said I'd feed everyone (there's lots of chili) so there's more than just my mouth to feed. So I had to turn around and go back home to get it. It's safe to say I was quite late for work this morning.

Snow is forecasted for today and I couldn't be more excited. I want a blizzard. A BIG ONE. I love it when we get big storms, it's so exciting. It was snowing a bit this morning, but it was just kinda blowing around and melting...not much is actually staying on the ground. I want lots of it! Big piles of it!
Come on I DARE YA TO SNOW!!!!!!!! bwah ha ha!!!!