Saturday, October 25, 2003
stop Canadian change
I'm not sure which statement on this site pisses me off more; is it: "worthless Canadian change" or "monopoly money" or maybe "their change is polluting American pockets. Canadian "quarters" pass as real American quarters". Or maybe it's when the article begs the question "Have you ever wanted to kill a Canadian?". All this over POCKET change, ladies and gentlemen.
Now I get that this site is tongue-in-cheek, I do. But honestly now, is it SUCH a big deal to get a little Canadian quarter or dime, that it deems a whole bloody website?? Did the owner of this site really think it was that big a deal, or that effin' funny? Is our money REALLY so insidious, or are Americans so egocentric that their money is the only "real" money in the world?
Ucch. I'm just gonna shut up now before I alienate my American readers. I'll chock this up to the fact that it's 7am on a Saturday morning, and I gotta head into work. *grumblegrumble*