Friday, October 24, 2003
plane threat in Canada
An El Al flight was threatened in Toronto, so the flight was diverted to Hamilton Airport. While I'm glad the flight was safe and that nothing happened I was amused at the thought of a plane full of Israelis being sent to Hamilton; it's quite a hole-in-the-wall tiny airport in the middle of NOWHERE. Nothin' but fields all around it. lol. It also begs the question, just HOW was the flight threatened? Nobody seems to know, but it looks like someone threatened to shoot the plane down somehow. Since my offices are *right* by the Toronto Airport I can tell you it wouldn't be too hard to do if you had the equipment (but being as this is Canada, that would be the hardest part). I'm not saying any of that isn't possible, it's just a little tougher to get a rocket launcher around here than a lot of other places. Hell, it's tough to get a gun at all, let alone a rocket launcher.
Anyway, I'm glad the flight was okay. I'm not too happy to hear about El Al flights being threatened.

I gotta run, I'm already late for another long day of work bliss.
And you have all failed in helping me complete the crossword puzzle. Thanks for nothing, punks!! :-P