Friday, October 24, 2003
blue skies, great lakes, and fun friends
Well I had myself a pretty darn good day, if I do say so myself!
Work wasn't nearly as bad as I forecasted; I went into the office for a few hours, and then I drove into downtown Toronto to do another store setup. I really enjoyed my drive down....I took one of the main expressways into town (the Gardiner Expressway, for those familiar) which runs right along Lake Ontario. And the view was amazing, making me realize something; I am truly and deeply in love with Canada (specifically Toronto of course, but I love all of Canada). I was so happy driving around and looking at all the buildings and the people and the lake...I just remembered all the stuff that I like about living here. And this is yet another part of it I love.. just driving around. While I enjoy the subway, as I mentioned yesterday, I also love being up top and seeing all there is to see. *sigh* It's a great city, and I'm glad I live here. Y'all oughtta come up and visit. :-)

Anyway, after work I drove up town again and met a friend for dinner (for the sake of ease we'll call her...let's see...."Melra"). After dinner Melra and I went to a pub to sip coffee and chat for many hours. I love talking with Melra. She makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and she is awesome to talk about life's crap. She gives awesome advice, and does well to be your friend and hear you out, but also play the devil's advocate and make you see all sides. This is an important trait in a friend, because they help keep you honest by calling you on your shit, and not just sit there and agree with everything you have to say. This is good. She and I were talking about what we were like in highschool (we've known each other over 10 years) and had a good laugh. It's funny how we saw things then and how we realize now how they really were. Hindsight really is 20/20.
So yeah, a good day, ending on a fantastic note. Hanging with my friends lately has been very good for the soul. *grin*

And now I must head to bed; I have a splitting headache and I gotta get up early to head back into work. I must *really* love my job if I'm gonna go in on the weekend. LOL!

Hope everyone had a great day.