Saturday, October 25, 2003
sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep....
I just me a nap. Had I not made myself get up I think I could have slept through the whole night, I'm pretty tired. But I made myself get up coz the nap was an hour and half and that's enough; coz if I tried to sleep through the night I might be really screwed and wake up at 3 or 4am. That would be bad, especially with the clocks going back tonight (for which I am always eternally grateful). Also, I have a couple of movies I have to watch and get back to Blockbuster by 10 am tomorrow.

Today at work things were a little wiggy. Two of the guys at the office completely blew up at each other and had a screaming match for half an hour. Tensions are high right now coz things are busy and we're all very tired and over worked. They finally both vented what they needed to say, and we moved on, but the air was thick with tension for the rest of that day. Great fun.

I got thinking about someone at work today.... a guy I met and kinda liked earlier this year. We didn't get to spend a lot of time together, but we hit it off pretty well. Then his family started to stick their noses into the situation and pressure me to either date him or not (basically, pressuring me not to string him along). Finally the pressure was too much and I backed off. I didn't have enough time to determine how I felt, and I was made to feel like shit about the whole thing. I never did tell the family that I liked him a lot, but I did. :-/ Other circumstances played into this, such as the fact that he lives far away, but still...I've been thinking about him a lot lately. I miss him. :-(

Today when I got home from work I called my friends overseas (we'll call them Gnat and Greg). They just moved over to England in the summer, and I miss them tons and tons. TONS. I talked to Greg on the phone for an hour while Gnat put their son (we'll call him..) Spike, to bed. It was really really great to talk to him...things have finally begun to fall into place with them. They got a place of their own (they had been staying with family) and Greg got a job that he's excited about. The job hunting had been tough, so we were all getting a little worried (Gnat has another son in the works in that tummy of hers) but things have come together quite nicely. They are expecting another son at the end of next month. Greg likes to call him Fred, Gnat says he can dream, that his name will NOT be Fred. heh. It's going to be Fred from now on, on here, isn't it now? LOL. Anyway after I had talked to him for a good long while he went to get the wife for me to talk to....but she was asleep. Awwww....she was all tuckered out and fell asleep. lol. I said I'd call back tomorrow.
I have been trying to save up some money (with zero success) to go see them next June. I'm gonna find a way, I'm just not sure how. Mercifully the plane ticket is pretty cheap (about $500 CDN) so that's pretty doable on a credit card. Anyone wanna come to England with me? *grin* I can't wait.

Also, not that any of you give a rat's ass, but I bought a Roots sweater yesterday, and I'm pretty damn happy with myself. It's sooooo comfy and warm and SOFT. I love it. And tomorrow I'm gonna go buy the movie 28 Days Later. Did you guys SEE that movie!?!?! It scared the crap out of me, bigtime. BIGTIME. I got one word for ya...ZOMBIES. It was awesome. The dvd has 3 alternate endings so I'm pretty excited. I'm going to try not to watch it though, until Friday; I'm getting together with friends for Halloween to watch scary movies, and I think we're gonna wanna watch that one. Hurray for scary movie viewing with all my buddies!! I can't wait. Candy. Sugar highs. And fright. As a note, HMV has some *amazing* deals going on movies right now; if you live around one you should go check it out.

I think I should eat now. I think I should order food. That would go well with my movies, no? To be perfectly honest, I really badly wanna go back to sleep. But instead I'm gonna eat pizza and watch Comedian (I didn't quite get around to watching it as I mentioned before) and The Life of David Gale (I'm in love with Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet). And if I am still awake I'm gonna watch all my shows I taped on Thursday coz I was too tired to watch (E.R., Scrubs, Friends).

Have a good night all. :-)