Tuesday, October 14, 2003
something shiny
I'm not getting any work done today. Sometimes this "working from home" thing is damn hard. Plus the work I intend to do is tedious....I'm making a webpage for work. Not at all a complicated one, but I am in no mood for html code. One really needs to be in the mood, ya know? I am drinking copious amounts of coffee to try and perk me up, but it's not happening. I keep looking at other stuff online...like Meryl's rant of the day. This girl makes me laugh, you should check her out.

Then I get distracted by looking at my fish tank. Did I mention some of my fish had babies? I am very excited..they are so tiny and adorable, and as yet, have not been eaten up by anyone. I make the same dumb voice that people do when talking to dogs or babies, when I look at my baby fish. You know the one...where you go up a few octaves and suddenly start talking baby-talk. It's a miracle children ever learn to speak properly, it really is.

I think the problem with me working from home is that I don't really start to get lively until late afternoon..then I like to work through the evening while watching tv. Remarkably, this works, but doesn't impress the boss much when she calls to check on your progress. Hm. Also, I have class tonight, and I don't have my homework done...so I'm thinking...should I do the homework, or do my workwork? Of course wrestling with this question ensures I get neither done. I am also trying my best to remember to pick my friend up at the airport tonight. Heh. Let's hope for both our sakes that I remember to fetch her.

Seems that my comments system is gone. Plum disappeared from my page. Mildly annoying...but I like Blogspeak, so I'll remain patient. Unless the comments are all permanently lost, in which case I might have to write a firmly worded letter to the young man who runs it. lol

Okay okay...that's it. I'm ready to do some work.
Here I go....