Monday, October 13, 2003
Giving Thanks
Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada, and I am truly celebrating the attitude of gratitude this year.
I could write a long sprawling message but instead I will try and keep it short and sweet.

This past year (5763 to some of you), has been absolutely one of the worst of my life for a wide variety of reasons. So why am I so grateful? Because in the last month I have seen light at the end of the tunnel, and walked out of the darkness and into that light. My friends, I have the world by the ass, and I am pretty damn happy about it.
I am grateful for the abundant new friends that have come into my life, enriching it immensely. Online and in real life, I am lucky to be surrounded by fantastic and supportive people. Thanks to all of you for everything. (now I feel like I'm giving an Oscar speech. lol). I am truly blessed for I love all my friends...they are truly a gift.

And I am grateful for those who have walked out of my life too; it was a harsh and painful lesson, but it has made me better for it in the end. Not all life's lessons are easy, and that was certainly one of the hardest. However, I have become stronger for it, and I thank you for walking away from me. That was actually one of the biggest favours you have ever done for me. You did it when I could not, and so I extend my gratitude. My life has only improved since you left, so I owe you much. Look at this blog! This only happened once you gave up on me and I started believing in myself. Now I have something to be proud of and you had nothing to do with it; I and I alone built this blog. I always wondered if I could stand on my own two feet.... and I think I got my answer. Friends come and go in your life for a reason....and at first the reason is not always obvious. One must maintain faith that the answer will come.

Life is pretty good for me right now...I have friends in my life that I cherish, and I was able to gather with my small family and celebrate over a fine meal. What more could I possibly ask for? Anything else would be gravy. I encourage everyone to take the time to reflect, take stock, and appreciate. Tell everyone in your life that you love them, every chance you get.
And above all, be grateful.