Tuesday, October 28, 2003
fun and fun
Class was good, thanks for asking. I felt less grumpy once I left, though perhaps still feeling like I will never speak in anything BUT english. Today we learned to say "I like living in the city of Toronto". lol. Great, that'll help me in everyday life.
Ah well, gotta start somewhere, right? PATIENCE.....I need me somma that.

I also went for that walk before class which helped. It's nice and cool right now with just a light sprinkling of rain. Felt good to walk around and get some fresh air. I got hung up talking to my landlord when I was leaving....he felt the need to explain his landscaping plans for the front yard. Have I mentioned he's completely insane? That coupled with the fact that he has far too much time on his hands; that's a dangerous combo.
Anyway, I went up to the bookstore, but didn't really find anything I wanted. That's ok, it still gives me a good strolling destination, and since it's a used bookstore, new stock will always be coming in, so I'll keep checking in.

After class tonight I went to my friend Melra's house. We sat and chatted all night. She's a teacher, so I get to hear crazy stories all the time. Makes me glad I'm not a teacher, and makes me think teachers are very special (crazy) to do what they do.
Go hug a teacher tomorrow. Show him/her some appreciation.